name if baby is born July 4th + outfit deets

Let's start with his beautiful smile...

Before the huge belly makes it appearance.

The innie trying to be an outie.

I cannot believe I posted these photos... I guess I will have to be reminded somehow of my +50 lb weight gain and HUGE belly someday.

These photos were taken by my sweet Daniel at 36 weeks + 6 days. Just one day shy of 37 weeks. (I am now 38 weeks). I have been boasting that I haven't had braxton hicks. Well.. well... silly me.  For two consecutive days, if I just walk >5 minutes, my belly tightens. Someone say: yup, practice contractions going on, over here.

I also dumped a few things in my hospital bag. Hubs said: I am asking to deliver soon. I don't know. I am still suspicious that this baby is asking to be named: America, or Independence or Freedom. What do you think?

Sharing outfit deets:
beautiful swarovski golden shadow crystal tennis bracelet ~gift from my MIL

Here's a few more that will be a good birthday present or push present or any-day present.

- bound leather bracelet {leather + crystals = perfect combo}

Also, if you'd like to share your prayer requests below. I am planning on another natural birth and would like to offer your prayers.

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  1. Love that wrap bracelet- so pretty! And I think I gained 65+ w/ this last pregnancy, so don't worry about 50. :)

    1. I just cannot believe that this baby is measuring small compared to all my pregnancies :( OB said she won't let me go past 39 weeks because u/s did not show increase in weight as expected....

  2. You look beautiful! Will be keeping an eye out for news of the little ones arrival!


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