amazon prime {review}

My sister prompted me for YEARS before I gave in and signed up for amazon prime. Finally, my dear friend, HSL, mentioned that amazon was doing a promo. I got a discount for one-year membership.... then my eyes were opened!

I am an online-shopper.
I love binge-watching series.
I would rather spend 42 minutes watching a show, rather than a full hour. Who has a full hour?
I rarely watch primetime shows on TV because, hello, kids need help getting ready for bed.

Hence, amazon prime is perfect for me!
The only thing I am missing is a kindle reader. then I can also enjoy the vast amount of books in the amazon prime lending library.

If you would like to try amazon prime, I say do it now. This summer! right this very minute.

During your 30-Day Free Trial, you will enjoy unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, FREE Two-Day Shipping, and more Prime benefits. You will have access to thousands of movies and TV shows like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Wolf of Wall Street, True Blood (HBO series) and many more! I just watched The Reader on amazon prime... (yep, I am that behind.. so thank you amazon prime for keeping me up-to-date)

you can stream amazon prime ANYWHERE. I have used it several times at the OB clinic. I streamed: Daniel Tiger and UmiZoomi to keep the young ones occupied. Daniel also found the show "slugterra"

Start Your 30-Day Free Trial Now!

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