It felt like spring and I was outnumbered {wiws}

It felt like spring yesterday. Temps hit 50F. I wore something other than my hunters or knee high boots.

Chambray ~ old navy
Cord jacket ~ jcrew, thrifted
Skinnies ~ old navy
Flats ~ Mia
Purse ~ burberry

Mass behaviors:
Daniel: B
Isabel: C
Sebastian: A++

I'm generous with grades. But if you ask my husband, he would give the older two failing grades. Daniel was taken to the back of the church because he was misbehaving and not listening.
While they were gone, Isabel ran out of our pew. The nice lady behind me asked: do you want me to get her? I didn't have time to answer. Up I went and ran towards Isabel with baby Bastian in my arms.

Oh my. You know the feeling of warmth creeping from your Insides to your face? Because of embarrassment. Because of fear. Because of failure? I felt that warmth.

This was on repeat in my head: once you're outnumbered then it all goes downhill from there.

My guardian angel was watching over me. Jesus took pity. I caught Isabel. I half-dragged her back to the pew with my right hand, while balancing Sebastian on my left. She refused of course. She ran away again. I caught her again. It was a circus!

I thanked the nice lady behind me during the sign of peace. She was another heaven sent. I couldn't make eye contact to other parishioners. I was just so embarrassed.

St. Gianna, thanks for your intercession. Please keep sending my prayers to the feet of Jesus.

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    1. My 1-year old didn't have a good day at Mass today either Mass with little ones is so hard. If it makes you feel better, I doubt anyone noticed you running up the aisle after your baby and even if I did, I really doubt they thought anything "bad"

    2. cute colors and patterns combos!

    3. Anonymous3/03/2014

      Adorable outfit! To encourage you, a few years ago we were having Mass in our fellowship hall because our church was undergoing renovations. I was cantoring the Mass and my husband was trying to juggle all 3 of our littles. I looked up at one point and saw my 3 year old sitting under the makeshift alter that had been set up. He was playing peek-a-boo with the parishoners in the front rows. People were giggling but I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me!! People still talk about it to this day and how cute it was but it didn't feel so cute at the time. Moral of the story: things like this happen to EVERY parent. And yes there are those that will be judgemental but most people are sitting there thinking "Man I remember those days!" and many of them are offering up prayers. Now I try to be like the woman who was behind you offering encouragement to other parents. We are all trying our best and they will get it...keep it up!! Have a blessed week!!


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