Thoughts on Lent, half-birthdays, breastfeeding and more {7qt}

It's Friday, friends! Lucky Jen back in warm Austin, TX after encounter with the polar vortex in the midwest. See her quick takes about recording her book!

1. Sebastian

^^My little Lumberjack in his overalls^^

I blogged about my baby turning 6 months which reminds me of this poem.

2. Goodbye

After 34 months of use, I am saying goodbye to my pump. Yes, I complained a lot that it was pretty much an extra appendage during those 30 hour call days… But you never know what you have till it’s gone, eh?

After 3 babies, it’s a bittersweet ending. I complained that it was loud… but truly, it’s portable.
I am a grateful for insurance. Because of the affordable care act, rental pumps or personal pumps are covered. Did you know that?

3. Lent Family and personal goals

~~Found this site for reflections on daily Gospel. Rachel Balducci is contributing.

~~See our Lenten calendar

Pray a decade of the rosary with my children every Thursday. I praise all those families who can pray the entire rosary especially with toddlers. We pray before meals, before school and bedtime... but those are 5 minute prayer TOPS... a full rosary can be 15-20 minutes. Will we survive?

I am hoping for a prayerful, meditative time. Not one where my blood pressure shoots up to 150s systolic or higher. So for now, hubs agrees that a decade is a good goal to introduce praying the rosary with our kids.... wish us luck!

~~Calendar for grown-ups from the USCCB

4. Song

I am behind what's cool and hip as usual. Tell me who is not crazy about this song? If I was getting married this spring or summer, I will convince Derrick if we could have this as our first dance! totally.

**disclaimer: I googled the video, yikes! don't do it.** What I have linked above is the Grammy's version.

5. Money vs Time

I am enjoying this time away from work. It gives me time to think... Time to pray. Time to plan meals and cook which I love doing for my family. Time to read for fun. Time to just call my husband during the day to tell him I am thinking of him, without talking about finances, kid stuff etc. Working part-time means less money. But it's a paycut I am willing to take. I could ALWAYS work on being a good steward of what the Lord has given me.

How about you? How do you make good use of your time? How do you fight procrastination? How are you saying no to "retail therapy"?

6. Prayer request

My grandma is scheduled for knee replacement surgery 3/8 around noon in the Philippines (midnight 3/8 EST). She’s scared. I am scared. But I am trying to be brave for her.

7. Picture I am sharing

D: can I rub it off now?

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