Sebastian's half birthday

Babies don't keep...

My sweet, sweet boy turned 6 months last Tuesday. He is slowly showing us his personality. He is still an “easy” baby. Feed him, he’s fine. Change him, he’s fine. Pick him up and cuddle, he’s fine.

One thing hubs and I have noticed is that his cries are LOUDER. This boy has lungs just like his sister. He even gets to the point that he will choke on his own saliva. Poor baby! He hates being placed back in his carseat around 7p or later because that's cuddle time with mummy already.

We haven’t started solids yet. He is interested with what we have on our plates though. It’s definitely the ORAL stage. He puts toys, books, blankets, sissy’s hair (yikes!), blocks, reward cards in his mouth.

^^ice cream on Mardi Gras, half birthday celebration for Bastian.

Sebastian’s schedule:
6:30-6:45a Last breastfeeding session before I go to work
7:30a He is awake and ready to leave the house
8-9:30 nap
9:30-10a first bottle
10a-12:30 play, play, play
12:30p second bottle
12:45p-2:30p second nap
Then up until about 4-4:30p
4:30p last bottle ~ which per my FIL and husband: he does not really eat much. Bastian is telling them he is ready to see his mama.
6p reunited with mummy! And feeding!
Play some more till about 7:30p, then he is pretty much ready for bed.
8:00 feed, then sleep
11:00p feed again
Throughout the night ~~ here’s my momma confession, I still wake up to feed him. But it’s pretty much very easy. He wakes up, I give in and nurse him then he goes back to sleep. Call this crazy. I call it my sacrifice so that I don’t have to go crazy pumping 16 oz or more during the day. {All my three kids have reverse cycle feeding}

Some of our goals these next months:

~obviously introduce solids. Let him discover foods. let him “play” and touch his foods {my heart rate is already rising just thinking of the mess…. But I will calm down}

~start introducing baby signs: we used the 3 most used signs with our babies. MILK, MORE, ALL DONE. My husband introduces/uses EAT, CHANGE. but the first 3 are the most used in our house.

~keep working on Sebastian's latch. I have had issues with plugged ducts and mastitis but that’s because I am less vigilant watching him with his latch. This means: NO browsing on Instagram when I nurse!!!

Half birthday for Isabel
Half birthday for Daniel

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  1. I can't believe he is 6 months already!! Gosh he is so cute. That's awesome that you are still breastfeeding, it seems like a lot of docs and residents don't make it to 6 months.

  2. Oh and your blog header is really cute!


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