Empire waist + crops {wiws, Sunday style}

What a beautiful spring day. Although we only went outside just in time for Mass. And that's at 5:15. Hence no decent full body shot. iPhone pix inside the house with our lights make me look jaundice and vitamin D-deficient. (Yellow and pale, respectively.) that's not an attractive skin color. Yellowish pale? Pale yellow? What?

Top ~ express, nonmaternity. And no, not pregnant. Just empire waist // crop pants ~ the limited, old // purse ~ Burberry // flats ~ Mia.

I'm being more proactive with our Sunday prep. I found these coloring pages. And there's this free monthly bulletin for the kids. The coloring pages kept Daniel busy throughout the readings and homily. Isabel colored a few lines, scribbled a few things and was done.

Mass grades:
Daniel: A
Isabel: A
Sebastian: A

Nobody was taken to the back. Nobody fussed enough to be taken to the back. Woohoo.

Sharing my eldest's artwork. He said he drew Jesus on the cross. I'm going to keep it. It might be worth something some day.

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  1. I love empire waists, but I'm realizing that I look a little bit pregnant in them, too! I'm not married, so that's not a good thing to be confusing people with. :/

    That is a sweet drawing! If nothing else, it will make a great gift back to him for his Confirmation, wedding, or ordination. You never know....

    1. That is a good idea, Lindsay! I will definitely "frame" it. (And I always tease him that he will be a priest someday....) **mom's wish. :)

      Thanks for visiting.


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