Wishing hoping thinking {7qt}

This is my 7 quick takes (x2!) And since I have writer’s block, no originality for posts and I look up to both Erika and Grace, I copied their prompts to help me today…

1. Cooking : my slow cooker Chicken and Dumplings rendition. It will be ready for Friday dinner. Yumm.

Marveling: at my new office. I wasted NO TIME placing pictures everywhere.
And yes, I need to print new pictures of Sebastian. The third baby syndrome… But he won’t feel left out, just check my IG feed.

2. Playing: Pandora is streaming. I have to stay awake.

Wishing: it’s spring break. Because I will see this beautiful girl!

3. Enjoying: my dependable water and grapes for my morning snack. My salad in a jar is waiting for me. Is it NOON yet?

Liking: these five faves I posted this week.

4. Wondering: how my little D is doing. He has a field trip to the Center for performing arts today. He told me yesterday during school pickup: “Mummy, I have to wear nice clothes tomorrow. You think, I can wear my black shoes.” I answered, “yes. How about longsleeved buttoned-down shirt, khakis and your nice shoes?”
And…. I did not take a picture of him this morning.

Loving: my sweet husband. Cheesy but true.

5. Hoping: that my grandma will be safe in the OR for her knee replacement surgery. It is scheduled on 3/7. Prayers appreciated please.

Reading : neurology examination and board review, Continuum, Merritt’s Neurology.

6. Needing: to be consistent with potty training Isabel. The little trick: “Ballerinas do not poopy on their diapers” worked this morning! After doing #2 succesfully on the potty, she did her arabesque. Now where did she copy that from?

Wearing: my new lipstick shade. Oh how I missed wearing bright lipstick. It just makes me happy! the little things, the little things that keep us going.

^^haven't been wearing lipstick when I am with Bastian. He likes to smack my face and smear my lipstick. Silly baby. ^^

7. Thinking: about Hawaii, Paris, London. All the places Derrick and I visited, before babies.

Feeling: sore. Yep.

Happy Friday, friends! Join Jen for more 7QT!

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