First Day

Another milestone. Not for my children. A Milestone for me.

For pump-up music, I played the worship CD my good friend, Hannah, gave me almost 10 years ago! We were mere first year student doctors then. I was teary eyed when memories of 10 years past flooded my memory bank. I have been seeing patients in the hospital but today was my first FULL DAY in clinic.

I got in the office and saw this:

and this:

^^The hyacinth smells so good. I already gave in and ate 2 dove eggs. yumm.....

Here's to being a real doctor! {as my mom would say}
To which I reply: I've been a doctor for 5 years! Come on, now!

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  1. So exciting!! Congratulations on your first day in clinic :)

  2. Congratulations Dr. Sarah!


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