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As I get older and older, I am liking Lent more and more. My son said it so well ~~ my reason why I like lent. I want it to be all the way here (he was pointing to Easter Sunday) Because I want Jesus to be alive. {he meant risen} Lent may be about sacrifice. But our sacrifice has meaning because of Easter.

Thanks to CatholicIcing (such an awesome website for activities and crafts), we prepped our Lenten calendar.

My 2 year old spent 2.58749 minutes with us on the table. I'm quite surprised she made it that long. Daniel colored Lent purple. The chalice, he used his red crayon because he said wine is red, mummy. He colored Jesus on the cross (his own words), jesus riding the donkey and Jesus who is alive.

His questions were amazing. Why is Jesus alive? Why is Jesus God? Why is it so many hours (he meant days) to get here (again pointing to Easter Sunday).

I did my little teaching about sacrifice and abstaining from meat while they colored their fish symbols. Daniel piped: so we start with fishy (pointing to Ash Wednesday).

These young minds... They amaze me.

How about you? How are you preparing for Lent? Are you giving up anything ~~ tv, social media, sweets? Are you doing more of something ~~ like extra 5-10 minutes of prayer? Or maybe volunteer work?

What Lenten crafts are you doing with your children?

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