Maxi Dress + Snakeskin {wiws,Sunday Style}

You're in a for a lucky treat! These pictures are amazing. And I am not talking about myself. {though I am showing off what I wore today} but because my sister is gracious enough to be my photographer today and give Hubs a break from his Sunday job with the iphone.

Maxi Dress ~ zulily
Open Cardi ~ zulily
Snakeskin  sandals ~ zulily 
Charm bracelet ~ from my grandma
Capiz shell earrings ~ from the Philippines

I did not even plan to wear all zulily today... It just happened.

Photos by Diana

Happy Sunday! 
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  1. Lovely picts, and that is such a cute dress!

  2. That dress is so fun! And your pictures are beautiful.

  3. I just caught up on your posts. I like the clothing I have seen advertised on Zulily, but have never bought any. Lovely pictures.

  4. Yay for spring like weather and dresses-you look pretty :)


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