Thursdate, granola and reflex hammer {7qt}

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1. Thursdate
We finally brought our baby to hubs' work to show him off. It only took 6.5 months. Lunch date with this delightful bi-bim-bop.

It was as good as it looks.

2. Granola-crack
I'm so addicted with homemade granola. I made this.... Then a revision of this.

^^text thread with my sister^^

3. Sperry's and "broken jeans"
The first day of spring called for Sperry's.... And ripped jeans or "broken" per lil D.
D to his teacher: my momma has broken pants.
TK teacher: that's the look, Daniel.

Top ~ a&f
Ripped jeans ~ a&f, thrifted
Sperry's ~ love them!

4. 365 photo going strong
Just a few picts from my instafeed.

There's a theme: babies, food, outfits. My hope is to expand my iPhone capabilities ;) we will see. Kids are just sooooo darn cute!

5. Praise!
Update on grandma: she's two weeks post op from her right knee replacement and doing well.... Still in a lot of pain but doing well.... Thanks be to God.

6. This weekend.....
So excited to attend this weekend's conference. the archbishop is presiding the Mass. There's adoration all day. There's opportunities for the sacrament of reconciliation all day.

7. Picture I'm sharing

It's even more official.i received my tromner reflex hammer from my residency director. And my name is engraved. Except I look like I'm 15 here. (What?!)
Thanks, Patty, for the picture!

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