Saints and meals 11.18.13

St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Patron saint of bakers

Meal: Empty the fridge

Dedication of Churches of Saints Peter and Paul

Meal: Lighter tastes like lasagna soup~~ update: I used chicken sausage instead of turkey. Next time, I'll omit the extra salt. The salt from the chicken sausage, chicken stock and mozzarella cheese is enough for me.

St. Agnes of Assisi
She was a sister of St. Clare and her first follower.

Meal: Roasted shrimp tomatoes and feta

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne
..since hearing tales of missionary work in Louisiana as a little girl, was to go to America and work among the Indians... Finally, at 72, in poor health and retired, she got her lifelong wish. A mission was founded at Sugar Creek, Kansas, among the Potawatomi. She was taken along. Though she could not learn their language, they soon named her "Woman-Who-Prays-Always." While others taught, she prayed.

Meal: left overs

Presentation of Mary

Meal: Braised beef and sweet potatoes. This is a favorite of the D crew. So easy and packed full of flavor. It's a change from my slow cooker roast recipes.

St. Cecilia
Patron saint of musicians

Meal: baked Sundried tomato chicken
I couldn't find the sundried tomato vinaigrette with roasted red peppers. I hope the roasted red peppers vinaigrette will work out just fine. And I'll just add sundried tomato toppings. Recipe from 1001 ways to cook southern.

Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro

Meal: left overs

Hunger games movie in the afternoon
Bonjoulais nouveau tasting at a friend's house

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