Spring Green and Brown {wiws}

I'm so thankful for this weekend. I napped for two hours both Saturday and Sunday. {thanks love!} Working full time with a 2 month old, a toddler and a preschooler requires naps whenever I can take them.

This weekend is probably the warmest and best days this week. I see snow on Tuesday's forecast! Might as well wear my skirts whenever I can.

I second guessed wearing this light green top from banana. But like what I said, it was nice and sunny. Spring green during fall.... Works for me!

Cardi: kohls
Top: Banana republic
Skirt: Banana republic
Tights: kohls
Boots: Mia limited

Mass behaviors:
D: --- he slept the entire time. That doesn't really count. He partied too much at my mom's house
Isabel: C, a lot of no's and "loud" whispers
Bastian: A. Stellar!

I just love their smiles!

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  1. Cute outfit I love unique looks like yours! Fellow doctors wife from medical Mondays.



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