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I better document this day. It's my last day of leave. It's going to be another big change in the D-crew household. Just when I am getting comfortable changing diapers, eating a semi-heated up meal and staying at home, I have to go back to work full time.

I embraced this maternity leave. This third time around felt similar to my first maternity leave. Mostly, because Sebastian is an awesome baby, very similar to Daniel's temperament. I cooked and cooked. I started working out as soon as I'm cleared -- so that helped my spirits. I braved running errands with 2-3 kids in tow. I can do this!

People think I am Wonder Woman. I am not.

I put this game face on because I know it will be hard these next few months. But I'm also an optimist. I've got great things to look forward to! Ever since I started residency and even medical school, I knew deep in my heart I wanted to work part time. I could not have it all ~~ work full time and feel that I'm doing a decent job as a wife, mother and physician. I trust my husband and family and believe them when they say that my vocation is not just at home, but to also minister to other children.

Our day in photos:
Isabel was as excited as I was for our Starbucks treat. She patiently sat next to me while I nursed Bastian one more time do before leaving the house.

As usual she gave me her most amazing poses when I asked her to stand next to the fence.

Isabel enjoyed seeing the big trucks pass by. She ate a good portion of her cheese Danish and kept saying "mummy coffee, mummy coffee".

Our next stop is the watch repair shop. I didn't have the tools to fix the buckle on my white swatch.

^^here we are braving the autumn chill^^

I received the buckle from swatch for free. I was ready to pay the gentlemen an outrageously expensive fee for fixing the buckle which only took him 2 seconds to attach to the watch strap. {it took him longer to walk back to his desk and grab a kitkat for Isabel after asking me first if it's ok to give her candy**}

After asking him how much, he said: this time free, next time I charge you.
I was surprised!
I thanked him. I told Isabel: what a nice man, giving us chocolate and fixing mummy's watch for free! And then we bid him good bye.

We stopped by the drive through at Panera for bagels for the week. I like einsteins brothers bagel better but they don't have a drive thru. It's hard to get the kids in and out the store.... So I chose Panera.

Our next stop: library.
Just in case you're wondering, Mr. Sebastian is knocked out after feeding and still asleep on our elevator ride to the library.

And look at these life size poster boards of Andrew Luck and Dwayne Allen.

Isabel again, willingly and obligingly posed next to these guys so I can take a picture.

Lunch and naps after our library trip. Then a visit to a friend's house to show off Sebastian.

We were a little late for school pickup ~~ just 10 minutes late.
But my lil d is always in good spirits!

I love having all three in my big truck. Look at them as we pulled in our driveway.

It's such a beautiful day and I let them play outside....

^^they said: they're cleaning the driveway.^^

Then comes dinner. Gladly, they made it easy for me as Derrick was off for jury duty. I was hoping it won't be the same as his previous service which lasted until 11p for deliberation. Can I handle these kids all night??? I was prepared to do it.

Here's Isabel reading with her Ronald McDonald looking boots. They're a big size 7 but she loved them. She wore them because they're new.

How about my serious Sebastian? He has been smiling. It gives me joy when coos back.

I'm back at work for 4 days.
It's been hard.
But I've got something to look forward to. I can't describe the feeling, when kids scream mommy when they see me! They are just so happy. They give me hugs. And all the worries of the world go away.

**btw I didn't give Isabel the kitkat. It's way too early in the am for treats. I left it in the car and she forgot about it already.

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  1. God bless you for taking little tykes to the library! It was one of my favorite places to visit as a little girl... I still sneak into one over a coffee shop nowadays.


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