Trick or treating with superheroes

Though a day late, my kiddos sported their costumes and knocked on our neighbors' doors for some treats that dentists would not like at all....

Daniel was dead set on being the red power ranger. I got this suit from zulily at a discounted price. Woohoo!

Isabel received her costume from my mom. She got it at a garage sale for $1! It was worn by the kid I taught piano -- 10 years ago! Ha! We finally were able to convince Isabel that it's ok not to be a princess/Dora. And that it's super cool to be super girl.

^^an attempt of all three kids in one shot. Hmm... Pooh is unhappy^^

^^poor pooh... Not having fun at all!^^
Sebastian slept in the moby while we walked through two blocks. The temps dipped down quite fast.

^^surrender! Hands up in the air versus Up, up and away!^^
I pick the former.

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Happy All Souls' Day y'all.

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  1. So cute! Looks like Pooh-bear didn't quite get his honey. Well that's a good thing!? I think I just looked over botulism the other day--I should probably know this for our upcoming immunology final...


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