Festivities and meals

This is a short work week.
Filled with a birthday, anniversary and family fun.

Christ the King Sunday: Baked Tilapia with veggies

^^look at this beauty^^

^^mouth-watering. Can't even see the fish. so healthy^^

Monday: happy birthday, Isabel!
Japanese Dinner ~~ she loves nabeyaki udon.

Cajun chicken pasta

Dinner with an old friend from medical school.

Happy thanksgiving to all!
Happy anniversary to my parents-in-law!

I'm gonna bake this ~~~Tres leches cake~~~ and hope it turns out great.

I'm not a baker as much as I think I'm a cook. I've been dreaming of this dessert from our favorite tapas place. Might as well make it now and share, rather than eat 90% of the 9x13 pan.


Isabel's birthday party

My share:
Pork BBQ
Pizza using Italian bread ~~ she loves my semi-homemade pizza
Cake ~ I ordered a Dora and Diego half chocolate/half white sheet cake with whipped frosting. Whipped frosting is less sugary compared to traditional
Buttercream icing and it tastes like whipped cream.

My mom:
Fish - my request {I'm in a seafood mood}
Vege dish

Pancit ~ Filipino noodle dish inspired by Chinese

Have a blessed week to all.
What are you making this week?
What are you thankful for?

Let's keep in touch:

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