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D: pointing at Sebastian's scalp... What's that white stuff, mummy?
Me: cradle cap
D: cradle crap?

After trick or treating on all saints day! A day late.
Me: I saw that! Give back the kitkat to Isabel.
D: I just pretend to get it.
Me: uh-huh...
Not believing him one bit.

morning after trick or treating
Lil D: daddy, let's go downstairs. I want to see my candy.
Big D: it's too early to eat candy.
Lil d: I just pretend to eat it.

D: I love my mummy. {giving me a hug while reading his fave book in front of his class} aaaawww... I'll remember that moment when he's in high school and won't even give me a fist bump because it's "uncool."

I love you too, my lil D.
You're an awesome big brother. Mummy's proud of you.

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  1. Is he pretending to stand next to his sister in this picture:-) I love the cute things kids say.


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