Baby #2 is 2

She woke up this morning, saying: birthday, birthday.

It reminded me of my wedding day. I woke up and said: it's my wedding day! Cue music: nothing is gonna break my stride/ Nobody's gonna slow me down / Oh no, I've got to keep on moving /

She is so excited for her birthday. I don't blame her. I make such a big deal of their birthdays. It's their special day!

Developmental milestones: (from AAP/healthychildren.org)

Gross motor skills:
~walks alone (since 12-13 months of age)
~pulls toys behind her while walking
~ Carries large toy or several toys while walking
~ Begins to run (since 19-20 months)
~ Stands on tiptoe
~ Kicks a ball (she tries)
~ Climbs onto and down from furniture unassisted (this is her favorite game with Kuya Daniel)
~ Walks up and down stairs holding on to support


Fine motor skills:
~ scribbles spontaneously
~turns over container to pour out contents
~builds tower of 4 blocks or more
~ might use one hand more frequently than the other (She's a righty)


Language skills;
~ points to objects or picture when it's named for her (she loves the cloth book with the farm animals)
~ recognizes names of familiar people, objects and body parts
~ says several single words (ABSOLUTELY!) We may not understand her but she tries.
~ Uses simple phrases (by eighteen to twenty-four months)
~ Uses two- to four-word sentences
~ Follows simple instructions
~ Repeats words overheard in conversation (she says: Bastian, it's ok.. Bastian, I am coming. Bastian I know.) I wonder who she hears that from.

Cognitive skills
~ Finds objects even when hidden under two or three covers
~begins to sort by shapes and colors
~ Begins make-believe play

Social and emotional milestones
~Imitates behavior of others, especially adults and older children
~ Increasingly aware of herself as separate from others
~ Increasingly enthusiastic about company of other children
~ Demonstrates increasing independence
~ Begins to show defiant behavior (oh my... yes....)
~ Increasing episodes of separation anxiety (toward midyear, then they fade) ~~ she's still quiet towards new folks, otherwise she warms up pretty quickly now.

^^chocolate cupcake for the birthday girl^^

^^lemme give Dowa a kiss^^

^^nabeyaki udon for the kids^^

^^sashimi dinner for mummy^^

Happy birthday, beautiful Isabel!!!
You bring joy to our hearts.
Mummy and daddy

Isabel turns one
Isabel's ballerina party

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