2 in 1 {HG, flannel-love, bumps, life}

I'm a day late for my quick takes and I'm a day early for what I wear Sunday. 2 in 1 link up. Is that allowed?
I'm either efficient or lazy or desperate or all of the above. You choose.

I appreciate Jen hosting 7qtF. It's a good platform for not-so-creative me to blog about my week.

1. Fly fly fly
Sebastian is 11.5 weeks old. What?!
Wasn't I just posting belly bump updates?

Thanks to family and my hubs. Another week at work flew by. I had a couple of late nights. We had pizza last night (first take out in awhile! Yay!) me cooking dinner is a good sign that I'm getting out at a decent time and I'm not overly tired to whisk something for the fam. My crock pot is also a huge lifesaver.

Last night turned out great. My mom stayed for dinner. I was the last one to arrive in the house. Kids were devouring their deep dish pizza. There were no pointing fingers at the mom/doctor. No pressure that I asked hubs to get take out at the last minute. When I finished clinic, I had a few (or a lot) of dictations left.

2. Blogs I'm loving
Talk about blog envy.

Katrina writes thought provoking posts about faith and motherhood.

Dr. Grumpy's patient/doctor interactions are so funny. I lol with very single entry!

Kendra's birth stories are a must-read.

This is an amazing study tool from a hopeful doc.

How about Grace, who is expecting bebe nĂºmero quatro? She ain't gaining a pound! Jealous of her skinny frame.
(Here I am not back to pre-preg hips and thigh proportions to fit my regular skinnies -- but thanks for compliments that I look decent. Truly)

3. Bump it
A lot of bloggers and friends are due next spring!
I'm so excited for Katie, Erika, Jenna, KT. I'll be following your bump updates. These lovely ladies are having their firstborn! Just amazing. Don't think I forgot about you, Grace. Soon you will have 4 under 4!

4. I'm on fire
I'm headed to watch HG with my dear friend MR. I haven't seen her in awhile. Last time was when I was discharged from the hospital postdelivery. Our kids don't go to the same daycare anymore. And we work at different buildings. Oh how I miss her! Can't wait to see her and watch my favorite book of the HG trilogy.

Team peeta!

5. Party time
We are going to our first Beaujolais nouveau tasting party. I've never had that wine. I may write a review/blog post about it.

6. Wiws ~~ flannel crazy.
It won't be a 2-in-1 link up without my outfit post.

Flannel shirt: target
Tights: from my grandma (Philippines)
Hunter wellies
Hunter fleece socks via hautelook

It's brrrrr outside. All for fashion and Picts. I endured the cold.

7. And my homies.
7qt won't be complete without a pict of my loves.
Pict I'm sharing:

^^too bright mama^^

Have a great weekend! Happy feast of Christ the King. One of my favorite feastdays. A great reminder of that wedding feast I'm preparing for here on earth.

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    1. Love the flannel and wellies! We got lots of snow last night and it was the perfect excuse to pull out my Hunters and cable boot socks :) Thanks for the shoutout; pregnancy is so amazing (I still can't believe it).

    2. Love your outfit! I am convinced in need hunter wellies now that I'll be living north of the mason dixon for the first time ever. Erika solidifies my conviction!

    3. You look great! Love the flannel.


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