baby Lucy update ~ 9 mos

It's not too late to post this. Lucy is 9 mos + 18 days. even if she's 9 mos and 29 days, I should still be ok right? RIGHT.

Also what  better day to post this -- but the day my grandma (Lucy's greatgrandma!) turned 80 years young. Yes, it's her birthday today. Happy 80th, mama!

This post is for you!

weight: 15.7 lbs (3rd-5th%tile)
length: 26 inches (5-10%tile)

She is just like her sibs. Her height velocity has maintained yet weight percentile has dipped down a bit. She has NOT lost weight, just slowed down with the weight gain. Usually around this time, my children are more mobile so their weight velocity slows down a little bit. 

She is our best solid eater so far. Sebastian is a closed second (he has entered the picky toddler phase and only eating hawaiian roll + nutella or peanut butter OR wheat bread + peanut butter). 

anyway, back to Lucy. She is now eating table food and stage 3 baby food. She still gets fatigued and tired easily with the chunks so I add some stage 2 purees with the stage 3. I mix the Stage 2 veggies(green beans, peas carrots) with the mixed fruit stage 3. She also likes the baby yogurt. 

tablefood - she loves rice, mashed potatoes, zucchini + squash, refried beans, fresh avocado. We have tried ground turkey once. 

She has two of her bottom front teeth. I see some swelling on her bottom gums too. So looks like she will have those first before the top ones come in. 

Daniel reports:
She can roll. She's cute. She laughs. Her favorite food is baby food. She likes to clap. She spits.

Dada reports:
She loves to smile at her daddy, specially when I come home. She gets upset if you do not feed her right after the other (spoon). She likes to roll all over the floor. I love it when she looks directly to my eyes, like she wants to say something but she doesn't. It's so cute when her brother Sebastian says: Hi Lucy, Hi Lucy, Hi Lucy and she smiles.

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  1. Way to keep up with the monthly updates! I was the same way about taking monthly photos...some were definitely taken days from the next monthly milestone. ;)


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