how we survived Magic Kingdom {day 3 spring break}

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Photo overload and play-by-play, hour-by-hour, moment-by-moment post... for grandparents and for the children to read once they are older (so they may appreciate the hard work their Dada and Lola did carrying them)..

It took one and half hours to get in. We made it close to 9a at the gate of Magic Kingdom. There was a line of cars there. Then another line from the parking lot shuttles to the entrance.

Once we had our tickets, I forgot that we have to ride the train or ferry to go to Magic Kingdom.
So another line there.

I have never been to Magic Kingdom during spring break.  There were a lot of people.
IF YOU CAN, do not go during spring break. (another lesson learned)

Hubs and Lola went to the bag check line. I took isabel, Lucy and Daniel and we waited by the entrance of the park.

At this point, Lucy had to be fed.
This was something I would not do as a first time mom. But as a mom of a 4th baby who has not been fed for close to 3 hours, you do what you gotta do.

So I fed her in front of all the hundreds of people getting off the train and boat, in line to have their bags screened. Nobody took a photo to commemorate such craziness... But Sylvia has a nice photo of her family right at the spot where I fed Lucy.

So a pearl learned this day:
BRAVE IT. Nurse wherever, whenever.

^^Youtube Video of our day ^^

We used our fast passes for the following:
The PhilHarmagic (we probably should have used this FP for something else)
Buzz Light Year Space Ranger Spin - totally worth the FP for this one. The ride was >45 minutes wait, sometimes close to 80 minutes!
Monsters Inc Laugh Floor - fun, kids enjoyed this. 
I basically looked for fast passes for "any height and all ages" since we have Lucy and Sebastian.
Sadly, we were late at planning so all the FP were gone for Elsa, Anna, Ariel and the other princesses.

Another pearl:
Download the MyDisney experience app. you can check wait times here and change Fast Passes reservations here.

The princesses we met 
First stop ~ Princess Ariel at her grotto.
Sebastian was already napping at this point.
Isabel and Daniel were star-struck... Poor Ariel talked and talked without any response. 

I think she's the prettiest out of all the princesses we met that day. 




Then, we went in line to see Rapunzel and Cinderella. It was  a 40-minute wait for two princesses! I am glad Bastian was awake at this point. He had the best smile when he met them. 





Isabel's minnie mouse dress
boys star wars shirt
boys super mario shirt

my top is 50% right now!


  i am looking this way >>
Cinderella and Daniel are looking   << this way<-- font=""><--- font="" nbsp="">

By 9p, the crowds were thinning out. There was NO LINE to see Belle.
Glad we did it (we missed the night parade though...)

It was worth it. The crew was selected to join the  play. 
D was Shivering Maurice
Isabel was the Armoire  
Sebastian was Lord Sebastian
Hubs as the suit of armor

The attractions we enjoyed

 Besides the Fast passes, the older two went with hubs to Stitch's great escape. The younger two, mom and I stayed outside and enjoyed a quick snack break. 

We saw the afternoon parade. 

We danced at the afternoon dance party in front of the castle. (see video above)

Lucy and I saw the fireworks while the rest went to the Pooh ride.   

Per my mom's request, we rode the "it's a small world" ride.  

We also saw Buzz Light Year -- highlight for Daniel and Sebastian!






How did we really survive 12 hours at Magic Kingdom?
- lower your expectations.
- bring water bottles and snacks
- bring strollers! they have to be closed when riding the parking lot shuttle but they are life-savers. we had napping children who rested in the stroller instead of being carried.
- do not bring selfie sticks (not that I own one.. but they are not allowed in the park!)
- bring reinforcements. There was no way we could have survived a day there with just me and hubs with 4 kids. So thanks, mom, for joining us!
- babywear. Lucy napped in the sling. She stayed there pretty much all day. I used it as a nursing cover too. 
- use fast passes
- use sunscreen, be prepared for complaints that it's hot.
- use a hat! hat for moms and babies! hats for boys and girls!
- entertain the kids while waiting in line. Play simple games like: name 5 princesses. What color do these princesses wear? name a song from the following movies?

Places that you can nurse (if you are like me)
Front of magic kingdom
Sitting on the ground at the parade
While standing in line to see Rapunzel and Cinderella ~ this was another 40 minute wait.
During lunch
During snack break

During fireworks  
essentially wherever


All in all - it was a fun day.
 I am so proud of Daniel. He is young but he stepped up as big brother! He was so tired walking all over the park. That's a lot of walking and standing for a first grader! I so wished, I could have carried him and the baby...

When we made it to the line (yes, another line) to the parking tram, hubs picked up a sleeping Isabel so Daniel could sit on the stroller. 

 We left the park at 10:30p. We made it to our car close to 11:30p.
We made it back at the resort by midnight. whew...

it was a long day.... 

 if we did not purchase a one day admission and had a park hopper or mult-day admission, we would not have stayed over 12 hours at the theme park. no way....

Never thought we would have survived it with 4 under 6... but we did!
e-high five mom and hubs!  

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