resort hopping

Continuation of our breakfast day with the Disney characters.
First a selfie (when you're the photographer, you have to improvise and get a selfie so there's proof that you were there)


Pretty centerpieces at the Grand Floridian Lobby where we had breakfast. 
Outside the Grand Floridian are these nice carriage and Cadillac!

A sweet lady offered to take our family photo. uhm, yeah...
She was a good sport because it took forever to get the younger two out of the strollers. Then they were not cooperating. 

But these are my most favorite photos of this day.

After breakfast, we rode the tram and stopped by the Polynesian resort.

I took tons of photos there but they're with my iPhone.
blurry and kids not looking at all.

so let's go back to the Grand Floridian.
This resort is beautiful! I love the flower beds outside. The hotel has a wrap-around porch. Something that hubs like. So if we ever retire down south (and I want to), we will find a home with a wrap-around porch.

^if you find something off about this photo, comment below >_<
 otherwise, she's our princess!


 The lovebirds.
The parentals.
The.. whatever kids call their parents nowadays.

I won't leave you with that cheesy photo.

here's the bunch.
now that I weeks removed from spring break (the walking, the long days, the long drive, etc. etc), I think we can do this trip again. 

but not anytime soon!

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