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If you have oily skin, this post is for you. 

I still use this foundation which gives me a dewy, satin finish look. My shine gets out of control on my forehead by noon though. I really like L'oreal. So I did not give up on it yet. I tried this because it's matte.... yikes. it looked like cake on my face. I wished it worked because it's less than $6. 

So back to L'oreal. 
The non-Lumi version worked better!  I am happier with it.  I stayed with Sun Beige W6. 

I tried Sand Beige too which is a shade lighter. It worked fine. AS LONG as I bronze well. otherwise, I'd look like a ghost. 

I am lighter because of winter. As I get more sun this spring and summer, I don't think sand beige will work anymore as I tan easily. 

I try to find ways to make the most out of my make-up prep with the LEAST amount of steps. 
it is probably not the best advice or approach with make-up but I cannot justify 20 minutes with just my face. 

10 minutes -- that I can handle. (ha!)

I realized that since I don't do much with my eyes (aka no eyeshadow on regular days) -- I have to exaggerate my blush

My new find is this! I just use it on the apples of my cheeks. Then I blend it well with the bronzer. I don't contour! I do not know how!

I said in my initial post that I do not use mascara in the spring because of my allergies. 
Pollen count has been nice to me (so far!) That and I use flonase daily. Thanks sissy for this recommendation. It is changing my battle with seasonal allergies!

I am using this mascara and so far getting away without smudges. 

I am so sad this L'oreal mascara did not work. I used it a few times but a couple of hours of wear and I had smudges underneath my eyes. I am already having trouble finding the right drugstore concealer + that mascara smudge. eeeewwww. not pretty.

I am back from spring break   and though I wore a hat to cover my face, i still got some sun. Sand beige is definitely out of commission until next winter. I have been playing around with other  blushes and more neutral foundation. The neutral ones have a pinkish/orange tint in them compared with the warm versions. I will do another post later with my review. 

FTC disclaimer - this post is not sponsored. I got all these things with my own money. ;)

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