in which we braved another long drive {7QT}

Hello hello! Pretty quiet on the blog this week. But not on snapchat or Instagram.
The crew loved the 80s temps down in Florida. We are NOT excited to go back where it's 40 degrees cooler.

{1} drive down

This was one of the stops because crying babies --- eeeh... It's too stressful.
There's nothing a little cuddling and a little DQ blizzard won't fix.

{2} pool time

Day spent at the resort. Look at this big inflatable. My children didn't get the memo that soccer means "no hands".

But it's a basketball, mummy. Not a soccer ball. Hence we can shoot.

{3} what were we thinking?
930a to 1030p at magic kingdom.
That's not even counting the 1.5 hours to get in and 1 hour to get out.

Who had the most fun? Bastian!
Definitely, Bastian!

{4} beach bunny
I wish I'm rocking the suit like this baby!

{5} princess of the court
Isabel loved walking down the grand staircase just behind Cinderella.

{6} hot tub

I'm warming up, mama.
The ocean water is still a bit cold. So Daniel made his own manmade hot tub {or puddle}.

{7} drive back

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