what happens after morning rounds?

The day in the life series continues....
for the first half of my day as pediatric resident intern -- head here.

We left off around noonish.

Rounds are supposed to be over at this point. sometimes, we do have to have afternoon rounds.... oh painful... but when the list explodes to 20 or so patients, we do not have a choice.

The didactics have changed since I was in training. In the the good ole days, we had our lunch and learn aka noon conference. Food was available to residents during noon conference but I still ended up bringing my own. There's just so much ham sandwiches I could eat.

Noon conference lasted from noon-1pm (duh). We still got paged quite a bit during this "protected" education time.  Different sub-specialties sign up for an hour block to discuss different peds topics to help us pass our Pediatric boards.

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After noon conference, we then go back to our patient care.
1pm -5pm is spent admitting new patients from the ER or seeing pts directly admitted from the clinic to the hospital wards or transfers from outside hospitals.

We also call consults at this point. however, consulting teams liked to be notified of pending consults before noon conference. So we call our consults right away, right after rounds and before lunch break... For any leftover calls, we do it around this time.

We meet with our families again and check up on their labs, testing, procedures. We read up on the social work notes, consulting team's notes  and implement or order their recommendations.

Care conferences also happen around this time. Rounds can be speedy. Hence the lengthy family conversations happen in the afternoon. Care conferences usually involve a complicated case. Most of the time, social work is there to provide support. We also invite subspecialties (if they can make it) to the care conference.

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Our children in the developmental pediatrics team have the following procedures ordered, not limited to: feeding study, evaluation by Physical and Occupational therapy, routine EEG, abdominal xray, kidney xray, MRI of the brain and/or spine, PICC line placement (this is a more secure IV line, when anticipating prolonged use of IV like for feeding via IV or TPN or longer course of IV antibiotics)....

The rounding and placing orders are important and must be done right away in the morning so all of the testing above can be done in a timely manner.

We finish our notes in between patients. We met around 2:30-3p to "run the list" with our senior residents and/or attending physician. Running the list means giving updates on our patients, discharges, plans etc. Making sure all things are in place before we sign out at 5p or so.

Sometimes if it's really a "quiet" day, senior residents send an intern or two home before 5pm. Specially if an intern is on call the next day -- it's a nice treat to send him/her home 30 minutes before quitting time. {little things like that make a difference}.

Sometimes, it's the opposite of "quiet" which means tons of admissions, sick, sick, sick kids, lots of procedures to followup and residents do not clock out right at 5p.

Last thing on a resident intern's day at the hospital wards is sign out.

Signout is the same as changeover.  {I think this needs a post of its own...}

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if you are curious regarding other things that go on at the hospital or clinic, let me know. I am looking for ideas for my next medical resident series.

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