why i chose peds

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It took me forever to post this outfit I don't even remember when I wore it!

I love blogging. It's cheaper than therapy.
But when things get super, super busy. Like I don't leave work until 6:30 or 7p, I don't really have time to sit down and turn on the computer and resize some photos after dinner and spending time with the children.

This past week has been tough time-wise... I did not have my regular days off. I also worked over the weekend. 

The patients also kept me up. I was thinking of a couple of them, researching their disease process and making sure I was not missing anything.

Maybe because their stories were not classic.
It was not an easy symptoms A + Labs B + MRI C = diagnosis X.

Then Friday (of course, things always happen on Fridays), I had to change the course of treatment. 

I used the data (or lack of strong data) and my motto: do no harm.
After that difficult decision, the weekend went by smoothly. whew.

I have been asked several times: how do I do it?

Specially from physicians or nurses who mostly take care of adults. They say: I cannot do it. I cannot take care of sick children. 

seeing infants and newborns postpartum is hard. I blame it on the hormones and sleep deprivation.

But all in all,  I get inspired seeing the resilience of these Pediatric patients. They are hospitalized, yet they see the goodness and beauty of the world. They do not forget to smile.

My answer: we are all made different. Some people know they are not people person -- so they become pathologists or radiologists. Some people cannot stand procedures so they avoid surgery. Some people do not like it when they cannot interview babies (it's like vet medicine they say) NOPE, I disagree -- so they become internists. Some say, I like the children. I do not like the parents -- so they still do not choose pediatrics.

I love the children, specially the babies. I don't mind the parents... so it was a given. I am a pediatric doctor.

Louis Vuitton Montaigne
in Empreinte leather
MK watch

outfit deets
top from Jcrew Factory
Skirt from hautelook

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  1. Anonymous4/30/2016

    My son passed away in 2013 after a 16 month battle with leukemia, the last 6 months as an inpatient. The nurses and doctors became like family to us, and they could not have cared for my son better. Some, I found out later, were even praying for him.

    God bless you for saying yes to a very difficult vocation. I am so grateful for people like you.

    1. Thank you! You and your children are the reason i do this. Praying for you and your family.


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