how we loaded a mid-size SUV with 3 adults and 4 carseats {travel photo diary}

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Day 1 of our spring break was A LOT  of driving. 14 hours became 18 hours with all the stops. I drove about 2 hours of those 14 hours. Rest were by captain Hubs.

I was afraid to go over the speed limit so I did not make good time when I was co-piloting.

We had a lot of stops because of crying Lucy. Poor child. This was her first LONG drive. All of our kids now have had their experience of long car rides around this age. Daniel went to St. Augustine, Florida at 1.5 years old. We  flew to SC when he was 9 mos old.  Sebastian went to NC at 7 mos. Isabel was 6 mos old when we drove to St. Simons Island for late spring break.

We did so well the first 1/3 of our drive because the children were sleeping. We did leave at 3:30a (!!!) After that -- we probably stopped every 2-2.5 hours just for various reasons. we could not coordinate the crying baby and feeding with your bathroom breaks. All in all, the older potty trained children did well actually. They went to the bathroom when I asked them to. That helped.

This was one of our stops at a Dairy Queen in Adel, GA. if you haven't heard of this place before, neither have we. But we just had to stop. There was a DQ there so I took that as a sign that it was meant to be to get another sugary treat (ugh... my weakness.. reason for not loosing the baby weight)

I downloaded a couple of books on tape. I did not get a chance to finish them... I just listened to the first couple of chapters of CS Lewis' The Screwtape Letters while I took over the driver's seat. We l
istened to j. Lo and BSB  - thanks amazon prime. 

When I was not driving - I watched this. Surprisingly enough, I actually liked it. Sometimes Christian movies are a little cheesy and have bad acting (oops) but this one had good acting. I recommend it.

So how did we fit 3 adults and 4 carseats? 
It's all my HUSBAND -- he has amazing organizing skills.

The oldest two were at the back row. Their legs did not really touch the floor. Hubs placed two small umbrella strollers there. We placed my travel bag, my mom's travel bag and the children + hubs travel bag at the back. We had a backpack that was also filled with hubs' clothes and that occupied the middle seat at the back row. 

My mom was in the middle row with the baby car seat and Sebastian's carseat. Underneath Lucy's carseat are more stuff -- our cooler, more snacks/bread/fruit/food. Small bags for the children's DVDs also occupied the floor in the middle and back row. The children actually brought their fave stuffed animal (Spencer the dog from Daniel's godmom and Isabel brought my Hello Kitty Hula girl...)

I admit, it was tough for me to just stick with one travel bag (aaahhh) but I did it. I had my purse and baby bag in the front passenger floor. It helps too that we are petite Asian folks. I am not sure tall folks out there will be comfortable in a 14 hour drive (or more) with that amount of stuff and many carseats in the SUV. 

only bad thing: we did not have room for the bigger stroller -- the one with storage at the bottom. 

I am so, so glad my mom came with us. It was helpful during the car ride and most specially at Magic Kingdom. More about that on later posts.....

For a preview post, I did a 7quick photo post.. head here.

We have a lot of Disney photos... I am still sifting through them. I will be posting them (FOR SURE!) grandparents and relatives are itching to see them. 

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