All about Daniel vol 5

Watching our wedding video
Me: where are you guys? Haven't seen you on tv.
Daniel: I was sitting next to Lola

Daniel taking my blood pressure using his toy sphygmomanometer (try saying this word 5x really fast!)
Me: what's my blood pressure? Give me 2 numbers
D: uhm... 4
Me: ok another one
D: 5
Me: 4 over 5. Ok I'm dead

Watching the miss usa swimsuit competition during nba finals halftime
Lil D: you need to be there mummy
{my sweet child boosting my confidence}
Me: with my belly or without
Lil D: without
Me: ok we gotta wait after your baby brother or baby sister is born
Derrick: ms pregnant usa pageant.
Thanks Hun!

Daniel wearing the "poop catcher hat" {never used as my GI illness finally resolved}
D: look, I got a cowboy hat.

Daniel during Mass, lifts up my dress revealing the slip.
D: mummy, you wearing underwear?

Me wearing teensy weensy short shorts for bed
Daniel: mummy you don't have underwear
{seriously, really?}

Trying out a new lipstick shade
Me: do u like it Daniel?
D: you look funny!
Me: is it too pink?
Daniel: it's really pink

Isabel making an appearance with the clean cowboy hat

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