All about Daniel vol 4

Daniel rolling my exercise ball with Isabel as his target
Me: what are you doing?
Lil D: I'm bowling

Daniel asks me: mummy, why did you get married?
Pointing to my picture on my wedding day
Me: to be with your daddy
D: blank stare
Me: so we can have babies like you
D: rolls his eyes

Me: look at you! My future doctor!
Daniel: walking away from his crazy mother
Me: I need help. Will you please check the baby in my tummy?
Daniel: still backing away. it's not real. {referring to the stethoscopes wrapped around his neck.... I mean the shirt graphic}

A mom from daycare donated two-year old medals from a kiddie run... Obviously left overs with stamped dates so what else to do with them right? It was a hit for the kids. Both Daniel and Isabel grabbed a medal, placed it over their heads, wore the medals proudly around their necks.
Daniel showing his dad his medal: daddy, look at my medical!
Me: you mean medal......
{haha hearing too much medical terms from one parent here}

Daniel out of the blue..... Said: mummy you're gonna be fat!
Me: what?!?!
D: you're gonna be fat as butter?
Me: huh?!?!
D: fat as butter... Like my lion book...
Me: oh the tawny scrawny lion?...... But i wanna be a scrawny skinny lion... Instead of fat as butter....... You want mummy to be fat? {giving him a guilty look, sad pout}
Lil D: no....

Me turning to my husband: why'd he say that?
Big D: he hears it from you....
{I do complain about my weight gain!}

Me to my driver-husband: Let's stop for a potty break... maybe look for a McDonald's??
Daniel: and let's get ice cream with "nem & m's" {m&m's}

Happy day to all!

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