7 quick takes vol 31

Joining Jen for another edition of 7qt. I've missed the past few Fridays (vacation, then back full force at work).

Quite a challenging week as I recovered from a nasty something, something. It was not the bad yogurt that did it to me because the GI symptoms lingered for days. Thanks ti all my coworkers who stepped up to cover for me.

I'm glad to report that I'm advancing my diet! Yay!
I was totally over The BRAT diet by Tuesday. Thursday is actually the first day I ate something more substantial than rice, noodles and broth. I was so grouchy by then that I went to the McDonald's at work and got myself coffee.... I was so afraid of my morning coffee which I drink with tons of creamer that I've skipped it since Sunday. I really didn't have a choice Monday or Tuesday as I was just trying to keep hydrated with water and Gatorade..... No room for coffee there..... I sipped my cup of coffee during morning clinic and did well.... So far so good.
As for other things: I'm still staying away from cheese and other dairy products. Also acidic fruits, I'm just scared to touch them. But grapes and cantaloupes stayed well in my tummy. I'm so grateful for that.

It's been a tough week at work. Just a lot of sick kids. No surprise there since I work at a hospital. But these are really sick sick kids... As in at death's door. please pray for them and their families.
Another prayer request: a couple from our small group in our parish said goodbye to their firstborn as he joined Jesus in heaven last Wednesday night. Baby J is only 33 days old and had been sick since he was born. My heart goes out to them..... Let's lift up prayers for them.

So glad to be done with my 10-minute research presentation. It was added stress on top of my nasty bug. I kept reminding myself that 10 minutes of my life is just a sliver of time and I should not let it ruin my day etc. that attitude sort of helped. My poster was displayed. I gave my 10 minute spill. Now big sigh of R-e-l-i-e-f!
(Refresh your mind here as I talked about the poster and the anxiety of putting it together) or not....

As we end this workweek, some great things to look forward to this weekend:
- it's my weekend off
- it's graduation celebration for the neurology residents and fellows. Even though I'm not finishing till February, I'm actually being 'recognized' this weekend along with my co-residents who are finishing on track, on time. I'm an example of 3 maternity leaves during residency.
- it's my mother in law's birthday
- it's Father's Day. I'm excited for hubs and he deserves a day just all about him. He's been a single parent most of this week as I just lay around hydrating and hoping that the output did not exceed the intake.

Daniel is doing much better with his swim lessons which we started last week. We are on day 4 of 6 this month. And I enrolled them for another month of lessons. Isabel, on the other hand, loves the water from the very beginning.
Daniel is working on floating and letting go of the teachers hand/death grip on the teacher I should say. At least I don't have to 'make him' go to the water and that's an improvement. He goes to the edge of the pool and holds on (again with a death grip) and practices his bubbles and kicks.

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