A weekend but not a day off {wiws}

The price we pay for working at the hospital this month. When I drove to work during Christmas Day or thanksgiving or day after thanksgiving or any other holiday in between -- my mantra was: somebody has to take care of the sick kids. It's a holiday but the hospital doesn't have vacations. Somebody has to work today. It's me and it's ok.

It's not a holiday weekend but it's my call weekend. Tied to my pager since Friday 4pm. Fri night was an awesome night call. I might have tossed and turned but I got no pages from 11p to 530a.
Sat night was a different story.
Beeped at 11p

And for a pregnant lady who couldn't find a sweet spot to sleep, it's a double whammy. I was up for an hour after the 1:30a page. I just couldn't find a comfy position to sleep. boo.

Anyway I'm still a lucky gal. I got off at a decent time both days after seeing kids in the morning. I had lunch with my family. And best of all, I got no calls during Mass!

Ootd deets:
Pregnant Mama: gap maternity dress circa pregnancy with D1
Wedges by kork ease

D1: old navy polo, gap shorts

Look at them! A pose for show!
Isabel: dress from Lola Lisa {consignment store here in Indy}

Mass behaviors:
D1: A {no snacks during Mass for this boy!}
D2: D {Derrick gave her this grade} she was taken to the back of the church twice due to tantrums. and she did throw the pager on my face! Ouch
D3: pretty quiet in the womb

And for this Sunday:
Question posed by our priest: who do you say Jesus is? What does your life say about him?

Something for us to ponder. And be more aware this coming week, huh?!

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  1. It always feels like a blessing to make it through Mass on-call without being paged. I always get distracted, though, worrying that a page will come or fretting that my pager might broken if I don't hear anything.

    Still, I'm glad you made it through Mass sans pages.

    You have a beautiful family!

  2. Love the dress and the shoes!

  3. Anonymous6/25/2013

    Beautiful prego lady, beautiful dress! I love finding a Catholic in the medical field! Following your blog!


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