Trip to the Dells

Day 1:
After my morning clinic and OB appt, we picked up mom and headed north on I-65. This trip is a combined family vacation and birthday weekend. My mom celebrated her birthday the day before and I have mine 3 days later.
Our first stop was Chinatown. A trip to Chicago is NOT complete without stopping by for good Chinese food in Chinatown and smoothie with boba (tapioca pearls)
Late that night we made it safely to the Wisconsin Dells area.....

Day 2:
indoor and {some} outdoor water park adventure
Posting some pix now from my iPhone. Still lazy to download/upload pix from the point and shoot cam.

Kids were bored after dinner

Day 3:
Dr. D turns 30
Very laid back day....
It started with this

And then this

By the way, this monstrous pancake is Derrick's. I just claimed it as my birthday cake for Instagram.

Kids played inside the indoor theme park
And a very nice dinner by Mirror lake to finish the day

Day 4:
Seeing the Dells

Chilly day for a 2 hour boat ride but we survived it.
Beautiful Wisconsin river and the Dells
The kids napped pretty much the entire time.
We also had a pretty authentic NOLA Cajun food at the downtown Dells area. Daniel got an alligator tooth back scratcher. Thanks to my mom.

Day 5: last day

Day in Chicago and the aquarium

I've been looking/waiting for the time to upload pix from the point and shoot cam.... Maybe retouch my iPhone photos, etc. But it's been a couple of weeks and I couldn't find the time..... It comes down to "just post the pix woman".

So thanks for browsing through my out of focus pictures. I'm sure there are tons of blogs with really polished photos (like my sis')
I'm just glad I documented and shared such a lovely family trip on my birthday weekend.

I love family vacays.

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