7 quick takes vol 32

Joining Jen for some Friday love.

1. I'm on call tonight and can't sleep after a page. Aaaahhhh.... Since I'm up anyway why not try to blog 7 quick takes right? Maybe ill be super tired afterwards and go to sleep.... Or not.

2. Friday is my long awaited last day at the hospital wards after 12 consecutive days of working... Without a day off.
I was getting really cranky. Some days this week, I just want I take a day off and NOT be a doctor. What a difference a day off makes to lift someone's spirits. Just one day of not driving to work. One day of not stepping Into the hospital and not putting on my white coat.

3. The new batch of pediatric doctors started this week at the hospital. Interns.... I remember my first week as a pediatric intern. I was a nervous wreck, praying constantly that ill do the right thing! That nobody's gonna "code" or crash on my watch!

My letter to the interns:
Please, oh please, just don't be "pager" happy.
I'm getting paged quite a bit for tons and tons of questions. Open the chart, read our notes first. You'll save me a few beeps if you do so.
And I understand we are all learners. You'll catch up pretty soon. Getting a history is the main thing and examine your patients before you call for a consult. Thanks.

4. Let's shift to Isabel
She has always done everything on her own schedule. She gave up the bottle at 9 months. She still breastfed but she hated the bottle. So we turned to sippy cups early. She's ready for potty training at 17 months. So we have pull ups on at 18 months. And yet another change this past week.
No more sleeping in her crib!
She has a twin bed in her room and she's been sleeping there! So there you go. Another transition that she initiated herself. No prompting from her parents here.

5. I'm joining Medical Mondays on July 1st. Stay tuned for a post about pregnancy and residency. And here's a 5.5 quick take for you: I passed my glucola {glucose tolerance test}! Woohoo!

6. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen my pink day of trying out my new lipstick shade.
It's an $8 tube of hot pinkness, very bold, still self conscious about it. Yet I love the pinkness!

7. Picture I'm sharing:

Sun glare: added the imperfection that makes this pict one of a kind!

Happy Friday y'all!
It's a celebration for all! T minus 18 hours till I'm off service.

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  1. Oh, I hope our Madeleine does as well with transitions as Isabel! We're going to need her crib in a few more months.... :)


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