Rock and roll {wiws}

Happy belated Sts. Peter and Paul feastday!

It's definitely a rock and roll Sunday. As my hubs said: we can never go back to 10:30 Mass.

The kids were out-of-control this morning. Isabel had to be taken to the back of the church three times. Daniel shred his drawing in tiny little pieces (oh what a joy to pick all those little pieces of paper!)

Mass behaviors: per hubs
D: F
I: F- (yup something lower than a failing grade. And hubs gave it to Isabel. ouch)

Thanks to my saint-in-the-making, I still have a picture of my OOTD:

Dress: maternity maxi dress from Old navy
Wedges: hidden. Korks by kork ease. I had to wear them though my thighs are sore from my new weighted ball workout because the dress is really long
Necklace: zulily
Lipstick: CG tempt

Here's my little boy who loves dirt, twigs, leaves, etc.
little side note: my flowers are pretty!

Link it up: FLaP

Happy Sunday! Hope your trip to Mass is less stressful.


  1. What a lovely dress! You look beautiful. I love the color!

  2. Beautiful color and dress on you! Some Masses are just that crazy....it's just a season....just a season....sometimes a loud and raucous season.... :-)

  3. So cute! I love the yellow and green together. Oh man, crazy-kid masses are so tough!!

  4. You look fabulous in that shade of green! Just fabulous!
    Some Masses are indeed horror shows but not to worry, everyone in church forgets. I promise.

  5. Love your dress and necklace! They go great together and look lovely on you!



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