Nasty Bug

No what-I-wore-Sunday post today. If you have a weak stomach, stop here. I may be divulging too disgusting of details.

This GI bug is cramping my style {got it?} been racking my brain for the cause of this nasty diarrhea.... It's either food-related {I.e. bad yogurt} or infectious.

I'm not the one to call my doctors office or let alone call the on-call line for non-labor related issues. But after uhm, 7 trips of watery stools (yuck) I just have to make sure I'm being a good patient. And of course, good mother. I have my little one in the tummy to worry about. If I'm not pregnant, I will deal with the issues and not even call.

Doctor asks: any cramping?
Me: just upper quadrant pain. Nothing lower.
Doctor: keeping anything down?
Me: trying to.
Doctor: why not take zofran so you can tolerate water
Me: {duh, how come I did not think of that!}
Doctor: how's the baby?
Me: moving around just now {praise The Lord!}

Yesterday, not even the BRAT diet sat well in my tummy. I've never had such loud hyperactive bowel sounds. One does not need a stethoscope to figure out something nasty in the tummy. One bite of banana -nope done.... Water saved me.. And one dose of zofran.

Today, I'm advancing my diet. I stopped counting yesterday. I must have had 10-12 trips to the bathroom. Maybe more?

I ate some rice for lunch. More than one bite of banana. So there's nutrition going to the baby. And I'm making urine.... Instead of watery you-know-what.

I'm not the only one bed- bound today. My good friend's toddler tripped and fell and has a splint right now for possible fracture. They'll know tomorrow if he will need a cast. So I'm not the only one who needs prayers. Pray for the cutie. Because this will be the second time he will need a cast {if he needs it} and he's not even 2.

This is what the kids were doing while I lay on the couch.

They gave good entertainment in between my bathroom trips.

How about another pict from my birthday weekend? Maybe this may substitute my wiws photo op? {nah - I just love posting Picts}

White dress - nonmaternity from zulily
Kate spade purse

Ms. Isabel had a Gymboree top and Jeans from Carter's and stride rite shoes. She's lovely.

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  1. Isn't it the worst being GI sick when you're pregnant? Esp. since you don't want it to harm the baby. Hope you're feeling better!


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