Friday quick takes

  1. I am participating with Kelly and friends for seven quick takes Friday.  I am done with my EEGs and notes. I am caught up. So what else to do… It’s not like I can wrap this and these and these.  When I get home, I will. But I am not at home, so let me publish this.

  1. Thank you for the sweet comments here, on FB and text messages after writing this post. At first, I was unsure if I should share… but if it will help a soul out there, then it’s ok. Dear friends you are not alone. Posting that reminded me that I am not alone.
  1. Tis the season.  3 out of 6 Delima’s got some viral thing going on. First it was a cough going around. Lucy, Daniel and Isabel were infected. Now, Derrick and I got this one night/one day fever. The only other symptom we had were maybe slight chills and fatigue. Derrick and Lucy have the GI symptoms but I am lucky not to have those.
  1. I am proud of my eldest. (I rarely talk about him here anymore… I try to keep his stuff more private as he gets older). But as a mom, I am proud to share that he won the “Leader in Me” for being proactive and finishing his homework and tasks. He has gone a long way since kindergarten and first grade.  
  1. The children are addicted with the Trolls soundtrack. We have been playing it through amazon prime music  at least once a day, on repeat.

  1. Has anybody seen Moana yet? What do you think? I want to bring the children this weekend to see it.
  1. Random outfit photo from end of summer, when I was still able to wear a skirt without tights.
 Jcrew skirt
Prada preloved bag

Old Navy top
Burberry flats


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