4th Sunday of Advent and Caroling with Santa

Jeans, topshop
boots, Hunter
Louis Vuitton, vernis leather, preloved
Christmas socks (not shown)

Happy fourth Sunday of Advent from the crew.
Before the temps dropped to the teens, we went to a breakfast with Santa event that benefitted a local little league. The children had fun. There was even caroling with Santa. This Santa knows how to play the guitar!
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thank you Snapchat for this Christmas make-up
necklace, JCrew sale find

The children loved putting glitter all over their pine cones.  We are letting the glue dry before we place them on our tree.

Mass grades:
Daniel - A
Isabel - A
Sebastian - B, he lassoed or fished all throughout Mass using these.
Lucy - D, she's more mobile now and very vocal. I brought her books. If her sibs grab one, she screams right away.



my 19 week bump, barely visible, thanks to my loose sweater


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  1. That sweater looks great on you! Perfect for hiding the bump 😊

  2. I love how you grade your children's Mass attendance! I know the whole "more mobile now" scenario, as we are battling that right now. Looks like it was a festive day, and you look so beautiful, relaxed, and comfy!


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