adventing {sqt}

I know that adventing is not a proper word, but we have been "adventing" here.

1. Did you see our snaps when the children made their advent frieze (thanks Magnifikids for the instructions!). I was behind on it, just like lots of things. We did the 1st, 2nd and 3rd week of advent project all in one night.

Since then, they have been asking to finish the frieze. Let's wait for the 4th Sunday of advent, kids.

2. Again late, but we blessed our Christmas tree. We received a book of prayers for children and families when Daniel had his prep for First Reconciliation and First Communion. There's a prayer for blessing the Christmas tree there. Do you guys bless your trees?

3. We don't have an advent wreath.. SHOCKER! why!
When we were at church on Sunday, I was explaining the rose candle and Gaudete Sunday. My son asked: where are the candles at home? (insert monkey covering its eyes emoji here).

4. Why are holiday parties before the holidays? I am ok with the party but in terms of presents, maybe we are best at waiting until Christmas or the octave of Christmas before opening the presents?  I understand that not everybody can celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day at home, with relatives and with friends and coworkers so we just have to spread out the cheer... Even though the parties are during advent.

I wrapped 3 gifts for the white elephant exchange gift at my work party. The theme was "garage sale." Don't buy anything new. Just something from the house that you'd like to give away. Bastian got these pearls. (funny!)
Nobody wanted to steal those pearls from him.

5. Christmas Novena. We are nearing the last few days of advent. One special Filipino tradition that I miss is the Christmas Novena or Simbang Gabi. Catholics go to Mass early in the morning for 9 days before Christmas.

6. I love our advent calendar from PB kids. Thanks, Uncle B!
My only review is that the pockets are very tight. Our sock baby Jesus from this project could not fit. We used our baby Jesus from our Nativity set for kids. I guess, we could have used candy canes or a cross or something (what do you use?) but it helps reminding the children that Christmas is about Jesus. They enjoy moving Jesus from one pocket to the next.

7.  A view of the children all clustered around their papa. I was working on Christmas cards and they were watching TV before bed.

We have been getting questions: are you guys moving? You will have 5 kids soon? Do you have enough rooms?

We may only have 3 bedrooms but our children are always with us in the family room. The sunroom during winter and living room feel left out.

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  1. I wish parties were after Christmas too- I guess more people are around/available during Advent, so that's why?
    And our diocese has Simbang Gabi masses- big Filipino community here. :)

    Haha, I was watching a HGTV episode of those tiny houses when a family of 4 or 5 was being asked why they were looking for one, and the mom said "we had a big house, but the kids are always within a 6 feet radius of us"- so true! šŸ˜‚


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