Gaudete Sunday {wiws}

Chloe Marcie mini, similar
look-a-like here for less!
Bandolino boots via zulily
Chloe Marcie mini, similar
Our Lady of MM ring, from my mom
heart pendant and crucifix from my mom
Happy Gaudete Sunday!
Lots of fun activities this weekend.
My little ballerina had her Christmas recital at a residential assisted living. She missed last year's because of a GI bug. I missed most of it because I was with my eldest who had his First Reconciliation. hooray! I am so happy for him. 
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Mass grades:

D - A
I - A
S - B+
L - B+
I am feeling generous this weekend.
Our church received lots and lots of poinsettias for Christmas decorations. Lucy oohed and aahed then went straight to them. My "look but no touch" command was disobeyed. Why did I even bother saying that to a seventeen month old... really? like she could get it?


Also, it's finally time to share the great news. I figured, it's Gaudete Sunday which means REJOICE. So why not? I am finally rejoicing and excited about this news... I am feeling much, much better. Nausea is gone. The heartburn stays but I am medicating with this.
I had some ideas on how to deliver the news... but I did not really follow through.
So I went with the oldie but goodie -- hand on the bump...
Let me hold above and below the bump. Just in case you missed it!
I've been pretty good hiding the bump with loose clothing. Look at this sweater dress. You can barely tell!
Truly, though, sometimes I already look like this when NOT pregnant but after a big dinner.

I made signs which could barely see... Then the children won't cooperate.

we gave such amazing instructions that we have M-A-2017-Y.
But you got it, right? right?!
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  1. Congratulations!!! So so exciting!

  2. Congratulations again! I am so happy and excited for you all. All babies are a blessing from God.

  3. So excited for you and Derrick!!

  4. Congratulations! You look lovely!


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