second week of advent {wiws}

Louis Vuitton, montaigne in Empreinte leather
Zara booties, suede, similar in gray
Crochet sweater top, old 

How's advent for everybody?
Every year, I want to do more during advent. Daily advent prayer as a family. Lighting our advent wreath every night during supper. Do Elf on the shelf (but not really... my sister is good at it but not me). Bake Christmas cookies with the littles and give them to relatives... more... more... more...

The reality: I was not prepared for the advent wreath. The candles are all broken. Not really the safest way to burn candles.

I showed the children their pjs already from St. Nick. His feastday is December 6th. ... you'll soon know why. Coming at your mailbox soon.

What we have going on:
our advent calendar from Uncle B. thanks! instead of the chocolates I did in year past, we just move baby Jesus. The children haven't missed a day yet. He is actually on the correct date.

We have our tree up. That's good right?
now  for Mass grades.

St. Lucy pendant, c/o 

Mass grades:
Daniel - B+, I would have given him an A if not for the giggling and periods of daydreaming and inattention. Anything else I could do to help him prepare for his First Communion? He is a young 2nd grader. We could have probably postponed first communion until next year... but we won't deprive him of receiving Jesus.
Isabel - A- a few deductions because of the giggling with older bro
Sebastian - B
Lucy - B, she's very mobile now. She babbles a lot. She's a baby so that's fine but it can be distracting.
Me - B I could have been less distracted

Lucy's OOTD
overalls, Old Navy
Momobaby shoes, c/o Auntie Feli

Bastian's OOTD
top, Old Navy, thrifted

Isabel's OOTD 
sweater dress, thrifted, thanks Lola
Purple glitter boots, c/o Auntie Feli


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