nausea... all day long

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written when I was 7 weeks pregnant.

Oh I hate the nausea of first trimester pregnancy.

I am hungry and I am nauseous.

I eat and I am still nauseous.

I am not that pregnant lady who was vomiting in the morning. Thankfully!

But I do have this linger nausea all day long. eeeekkkk.

I think that salty food make me feel better so I eat it... nope wrong.
I eat something sweet hoping that will make me feel better... nope.

I cannot believe I am doing this again for the fifth time. But I am.

written at 11-12 weeks:
I am almost done with first trimester. This is it...
But I am actually throwing up now. Forget what I wrote at 7 weeks. The nausea was worse the following days.  At 8 weeks or so, I haven't been eating because those things come back up. I was cranky and hungry!
I finally gave in and called my OB. This helped... I also ordered my B-natal pops and brought them to my Vancouver trip. Why did I wait for so long before buying them?

The children saw me sucking lollipops and they asked: what's that?
My answer: Mommy's medicine.


written at 18 weeks:
I am eating! yay! It's been a week since I had my B-natal pops in the morning.
I still have a super-sniffer nose. But things don't make me throw up easily anymore.
My cravings are dumplings from a nearby Thai place. They remind me of dumplings from my old highschool. The restaurant knows my take-out order by now.

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