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Dress, old, h&m
sandals, zulily, love these!
Louis Vuitton
necklace, also zulily

Let's take a break from the 30 degree weather here in the rainy Midwest. I have lots of summer photos that I did not post.
Lucy deserves to make an appearance here. She is now 17 mos old. So these photos are out-dated.

She loves to sleep. This girl does not wake up until 9:30a-10a.
She loves food. She loves sweets. She knows her cake and cookies.
She cannot face forward yet in her carseat because she is not even 20 lbs.
She loves to dance the Trolls soundtrack. She has watched two movies in two weeks and sat throughout the previews and movie. She has to have her own popcorn box too!


If we are friends on FB, I have shared Isabel's old photos when they appear in my memory tab. Lucy is Isabel 2.0 I love seeing their similarities. They are twins, just separated 4 years!


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  1. What?! Sleeping until 9:30-10am? Please have her teach my girls to sleep that late. :(


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