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The theme pretty much for my presents this year is COZY. think lounge-y... think casual... think lots of socks and pajamas. If you are on my list, expect to get these in the mail.

 Christmas Jammies for baby  - reindeer + fair isle... so cute
Pajamas for him  - even those hunky-hunks need to stay warm during winter.

Christmas Cardigan - there's a certain somebody on my list who loves to wear festive Christmas sweaters.  

Faux fur vest for baby -  I am crazy for vests... especially faux fur ones.
 Mittens for girls - a certain student will enjoy waiting for the bus even though it's cold outside.

Socks , socks,  and more socks.
 Plaid shirt for her - I am not over plaid yet. I hope the person who gets this  shares the same opinion... otherwise, it will be returned. oops.

Jammies for toddlers - I don't disappoint in the pjs department.

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