happy birthday, Bastian!

The World Just Got a Little Sweeter at Gymboree

It's funny how the third child syndrome really is true. so very true.

we had daniel's birthday party theme all planned out for >1 month. we bought his birthday gift several weeks before his birthday (and he did not even use it till he is >18 months, give or take).

Here comes Sebastian... I feel awful that when friends ask me what he would like for his birthday ~ my answer was: I don't know. I don't even have a birthday gift for him. I am throwing him a party though!

Things I know for sure:
~we will have cupcakes for his birthday
~ his birthday party theme is superman
~ and I love him tons!

He might have a lot of hand-me-downs, but he is by far the luckiest out of all three kids. I haven't left him overnight. I did not take in-house or hospital calls in his lifetime. I am working less than 80 hours per week. Daniel does not remember that I was gone every 4th-5th night for in-house calls.... just the pictures that they visited me on-call and that he had Mcdonald's for dinner! So, Sebastian won't remember much of this but I do and will remember.

For Sebastian's birthday, I am actually off :) what a treat! for him and for me!

I did get him a birthday treat. we love books in this house.
and i love supporting local businesses.

and my sweet tooth cravings.

For his birth announcement
For his birth story
For his half birthday
Daniel at 1 yo {and yes, Bastian is a look-a-like, and wearing the same J&J romper}
Isabel's first birthday

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  1. Anonymous9/06/2014

    I just read his birth story and laughed multiple times- you can tell you are a doctor :)
    So happy you get to be home for his birthday! We were in clinics last week with both little boys and Andrew was walking around where the doctors were but we didn't see you. Maybe next time!


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