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My 7QT posts have been mostly my life lately, journal, photo diary posts. Thanks so much for hosting it, Jen!

1. Well child check
Sebastian is 17 lbs and 14 oz and 42 inches long.
He is still not heavy enough to face forward on his carseat. 

Baby Green pickle is ahead of you in the weight dept, son.

2. lost and found
Should be lost and still lost! To all Mommy veterans, especially ones with children in school, do you have any recommendations on how to NOT loose hoodies, jackets etc?
I label the jackets or hoodies of course, but that does not help my son or me because he does not even remember where he left his hoodie. So far we have lost 3 hoodies (2 last year) and one within the first month of the schoolyear.

3. my anxiety is kicking in
remember my post about playing at Mass? the date is this Sunday of the Exaltation of the Cross. I was practicing with the music director who is the pianist/accompanist at our parish. Everytime, I heard him in the church, or he's within earshot, I MESS UP! seriously.... that's not acceptable. I have been playing at home, without an audience for years. My last piano recital was 14 years ago!

When I played at Mass in highschool, I was up the choir loft. So "even if I mess up", the parishioners did not really know it was ME.

It's a little intimidating at our church. I will play on the grand piano. And the grand piano is right there in front of the church, right hand corner! I am playing two Communion songs. this and this.

The music director warned me that the parishioners after taking communion usually pass next to the piano, and STARE at him. great.... just great.... I knew that anyway, because my children do it.

So please, please remember me this weekend. Pray that I would not freak out and let my anxiety take over.

4. Preschool
My daughter started preschool. She is uber excited even though it's only 2 hrs + 15 mins once a week. She woke up early the day she goes to school. Changed and ate breakfast and still had 1 hour before school starts. Quite a contrast to my kindergartner who is Mr. Take-my-time-and-prolong-this-as-much-as-possible.

5.  iphone 6?
Really, why not just buy an ipad mini? I want a nice phone... not a tablet for calling people.

6. work-wear

Dress ~ The Limited, thrifted
Kitten heels ~ calvin klein nicki pumps via nordstrom rack.
similar ; here and here

Sacred Heart of Jesus pendant from etsy
use code THANKS15 for 15%, tell Shawn I referred ya!
Gold bangles ~ from my grandma
gold earrings ~ hautelook

7. My cute newbie driver

And my husband's favorite shots.
While I was saying hi to my baby.

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  1. Anonymous9/14/2014

    You look beautiful in that last picture- I love it!
    And the new iPhone is ridiculous. It's like they are trying to get people to only text and not make calls.


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