two-in-one {7qt & wiws}

I strike again... Two-in-one post. (just like here)

I started typing this post last Friday... and voila, it's Sunday and not done.

1. what she wore
She might look like she's part of a bridal party. But she's not.

2. conversation with an unnamed family member
Me: oh the wiggles are coming to Indy
unnamed person: who? the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle (rapping, singing to the tune of my most hated song currently)
Me: noooooo! that's a Jason DeRulo song.
unnamed person: oh

3. conversation with my eldest
Daniel: momma, why are you wearing a giraffe?
Me: oh my shirt? It's a leopard.
Daniel: is it a real leopard?
Me: no baby, just a print.
Daniel: how come it's not a real leopard?
Me: this is made of a different material. (It's polyester!)
Daniel: why not real leopard?
Me: I don't really want to wear an animal. In the old, old days when people lived in caves, they used the animal fur as a coat. Now we have coats not made of animal fur.
Daniel: that's what I'm "calling" about. (as he rolls his eyes)

Top ~ as seen here
Skirt ~ as seen here
Purse ~ as seen here
Flats ~ as seen here
{I am an outfit-repeater}
4. if you really must see what i wore Sunday (errr... anticipation Mass Saturday)
here ya go.

desperate times call for desperate lighting
Good news, you've seen the top and the skirt before. Just look above!

5. work it...
For people who do not believe that I can wear something other than pink, I present you -- the neutral me.

Dress ~ H&M, bought as a maternity dress! (I am not preggers!)
Floral Peep Toes ~ bandolino
Louis Vuitton
Shell necklace ~ from my grandma

I tried.. I really did. I just cannot NOT have something POP at you. So I wore my floral peep-toes.

6. "stop kissing them on the lips"
The route of infection.
Daniel --> Me --> Sebastian and Derrick

I am the culprit. I kiss the babies on the lips. So I get it from Daniel. In turn, I kiss Bastian and Derrick. So they get sick too. hmmmm... amazing enough, Isabel is still holding strong without a drip of nasal secretion or raspy cough.

7. what I am sharing

you've probably seen it...

A few questions for you:
~share what you wore this 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
~Do you kiss your babies on the lips, cheek, forehead?
~Are you singing the song above, now the children are back in school?
~What Top40 hit song you dislike right now?

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