the jean dilemma {wiws}

We are all recovering from partying for Sebastian's birthday. A photo dump post is scheduled.

For Mass, the children wore their Blue jerseys for the first Sunday of football (hoping that the Colts will beat Peyton's team second year in a row). I followed suit and wore these jeans.

These jeans fit my hips and my thighs.... those are the positives.
negative: they are waaaaayyyy toooooo low-rise. They have been way too low rise pre-babies... and more so now that I have 3 to chase down the road and pick up from the ground after their tantrums.

it's my jean dilemma....

these A&F are the ones that fit my 1-year post-partum body and weight I haven't shed off.
The boyfriends jeans I wore here for example are a little too loose on the waist, also big on the hips and way too ripped for Mass.

Thanks to dear Erika, for showing me these jeans. I am still waiting for a different wash. I want to compare and then choose which one to keep (?maybe both?) I got them for a pretty good deal (again thanks Erika!)

Are these jeans the answer to my dilemma?
I hope so. They fit my hips, thighs and they are mid-rise!
I will report once I have made up my mind about the wash.

How about you? Do you wear jeans for Mass or Sunday service? I try to avoid it... Sometimes, I do miss wearing them... I wear work-clothes almost everyday. I never get to wear my skinnies or ripped bf's as much as I'd like.

horseshoe (diamond + sapphire) necklace ~ birthday present from hubs
Skinnies ~ old, A&F
heels ~ corso como via nordstrom rack, similar

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  1. I will wear dark wash jeans to Mass with a nice blouse - you look great!

    My favorite pair of skinnies are Old Navy sweetheart style. They come in nice dark washes, and are mid-rise, but also stretchy so they work with you on good days and bad days! I can also throw them in the dryer, which I love love love. Can't do that with most of my other jeans.


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