super party for superbaby {five faves and photo diary}

I love costume parties.
I don't think I can pull off a wonder woman, superBowl Beyonce, leotard with thigh high boots and I am very OK with that. When my mom gave Derrick this blue shirt ~~ and he already has his Superman shirt, I know I just have to copy Bastian and Derrick and pretend to be superMommy! I thought of this skirt (also worn here) and boots (also worn same day) and voila! I am ready for a costume party.

we asked the guests to come dressed up as their favorite superhero or favorite character. Isabel did not want to be supergirl. She wants to be a princess (no surprise there).

so for my five faves.

1. costume parties

The guests in attendance:
Clark Kent
Two Batmans
Two Rapunzels
Aurora (sleeping beauty)
Two Jedi padwans
Superman family

2. Filipino BBQ recipe -- am I ready to share my secret ingredients?
I have looked and looked for a recipe that have the same result as my grandma's BBQ and I think, this is IT! She uses Mountain Dew or sprite or whatever that fizzes with tons of sugar!

Try it and let me know if you like it!

3. SuperMan
I love dark haired men and blue eyes. Take Matt Bomer (dreamy!), David Boreanaz (brown eyes!), Henry Cavill, Christopher Reeve and of course Superman.

I grew up watching this superhero in betamax.

4. Bastian's scooting motion
Our big one-year old is not walking yet... but he can get places by scooting everywhere. Who needs a cape when you can scoot?!

5. pinatas
In the Philippines, we used these for "pinatas". A little dangerous don't you think? since clay pots are so easy to break, we usually blindfold the kids and twirl them around 3-5x and make them super dizzy! haha...

The pinatas that my mom made are just beautiful! Thanks, mom!
Maybe for isabel's party, I will ask my mom to make pabitin! Another birthday tradition for parties in the Philippines... oh just brings back memories of my childhood.

I am also linking up with Heather for five faves...

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  1. So cute what a fun party idea! They are actually filming the Superman movie here in Detroit and Ive seen a few of the actors out and about :)

  2. Mmm, that bbq looks so good. And your mom did a great job on the pinata!


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