fall = football

My husband's favorite season is Autumn. He likes the cool temps and football. Our wedding anniversary in the autumn got nothing to do with his answer.

If you're family or reader for awhile now, it's no secret that I am a Colts fan. Though Derrick is essentially a Hoosier now (he's lived here in Indy, longer than he's lived in the Bay Area), there is no changing his mind. He is first and foremost an SF 49ers fan.... then a Colts fan.

I let him dress the children one Sunday. I saw them wearing this.

ok fair enough... it's Sunday night football and Derrick wanted to beat the Bears. 

I am a supportive wife. The Colts were not playing that day....  I had no qualms wearing my red and gold for him.

on Derrick: wear your team's colors, if you love SF like him
or you bleed blue like me

Daniel ~ Janie and Jack
Isabel ~ Hello Kitty (here's a cute one for Halloween)
Bastian ~ Janie and Jack

on me: SF 49ers shirt (gift)
get it here

How about you? What's your favorite season? Why?

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