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It's not fair to dedicate entire posts about my eldest or about my youngest, without writing about my middle child. What happened to posts about Isabel?

It's amazing how siblings understand each other so well. I say something that nobody in the room understands where I am coming from ~ but my sister totally gets it.

Same thing for Isabel. She speaks in phrases and sentences, missing a few pronouns and articles, and Daniel gets what she is saying. 

I believe in spending one-on-one time with each child. I heard different ways on how to approach this. Some say give 10 minutes of undivided attention spent with just one child.... at least everyday. That is definitely challenging. 

Since I cannot have a special time alone with each child everyday, I make sure I have something planned with each child. During my board review days, I have Daniel with me from school pickup to dinner time. That is 2 hours with just mommy and Daniel. I also have special time with Sebastian. The feedings of course... and when he is an only child on some Friday nights.

How about Isabel?
She is getting jipped. 

One of the things I am excited to share with her is going to dance class. We haven't officially started classes. I showed her videos and she was excited. It will be a fun time ~ just Isabel and mommy. 

Dress ~ Old Navy, thrifted, also seen here
Espadrilles ~ coconuts, BOC, from zulily
Madonna of the street pendant ~ from etsy, 
thanks to recommendations of Jennifer Fulwiler

Dress ~ babyGap
sneakers ~ Minnie Mouse, gift

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